Would You Like To Know How Cover-Model Kirk Miller Drastically Increased His Upper Chest In Just 12 Weeks And How You Can Do The Same, Starting TODAY?

Physique coach Mark Coles has teamed up with cover model and trainer Kirk Miller, to bring you the most comprehensive chest-training programme ever created.

I’m sure you’re familiar with Kirk Miller.

If you’re not, then he’s one of the best-known fitness cover models in the UK.

However …

He’s always admitted to struggling with one element of his training.

That’s developing his upper chest.

You might have the same issue.

The truth is, the upper chest is one of the most challenging muscles to grow and develop – it’s the thorn in the side of many of my clients.

I clearly remember the days when I used to struggle with my chest development.

It was incredibly frustrating.

I worked harder, I took conflicting advice, I paid the “experts” for their “secrets” – but regardless of what I did, I just couldn’t sculpt the chest that I wanted.

I found the whole ordeal highly disheartening.

But After Many Hours,
I Finally Cracked It …

It took a mix of science, a mix of testing and a lot of hard work, but after many years of frustration – I finally cracked the code to rapidly growing my chest.

Would you like to know how to do the same?

Well, on this page I’m going to reveal my exact methods, explain exactly how they work and how you can rapidly grow your chest.

But before I dive into the details, let me quickly introduce myself.

My name’s Mark Coles.


I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 15 year and I’m the owner and founder of M10 Fitness, the UK’s premier Physique coaching facility.

I am the creator of the Physique Coach education system, which teaches hundreds of coaches each year in the art of physique development.

I write for the UK’s leading fitness publications, and I also boast a large portfolio of physique transformations.

Do you know the reason why so many clients flock to me for help?

Well, it’s because they know that I’ve been exactly where they are and I dedicated all my energy to working out how to surpass it.

I had lagging body parts and I was frustrated with my lack of progress. The big difference with me though, is that I made it my life purpose to work it all out. I didn’t just want to help me; I wanted to help every single person that I coached.

So, Let Me Set The Scene …

It’s early 2016 and I get a phone call from Kirk.

“Mark, I need your help buddy.

I’ve got a photo-shoot in 12 weeks time and I really need help to bolster my upper-chest – do you have any programmes that will help me?”

The challenge was on …

I pulled together everything that I’ve learnt and constructed a purpose-built plan to explode Kirk’s chest.

I literally poured every bit of knowledge that I’ve acquired from working my way up the ladder to become one of the worlds most respected physique coaches and I put it into this programme.

And I don’t say this lightly, but I believe it’s one of the most effective chest training programmes ever created.

Now, before I reveal how the programme works – let me explain why most people are building their chest completely wrong.

You see, in order to truly understand how to explode your chest, you need to understand biomechanics.

This allows you to have a clearer appreciation of how each muscle functions and once you understand this, then it makes it much easier to identify how you must perform each exercise.

Did you know that weak lower trap muscles impact your ability to recruit your chest?

No, neither did I … and it was one of the biggest breakthroughs that I made.

Who would you have thought that training a muscle group on your back, would make so much difference to developing your chest?

You see, weak stability around the shoulders, results in you using more dominant muscles to get the job done.

In many cases the triceps and delts take over most of the pressing movements that you do.

When you have weak lower trap muscles, you will find it very hard to keep your shoulders locked down when you press.

You will also find it very hard to keep your chest elevated, which will limit your ability to keep tension on the chest fibres.

This all too often causes you to internally rotate at the shoulder joint, leaving the majority of load coming through your delts and leaving you wide open to injury.

Did you also know that muscles don’t move up and down?

In order to fully train a muscle, you need to understand more about how it functions.

When guys train their chest, the first thing they think about is moving a weight from A to B.

They don’t for one second think about the muscle fibres they’re trying to develop.

When it comes to training chest (or any muscle for that matter), your goal should be to recruit as many muscle fibres as possible.

In order for that to happen, you have to think about extremities.

This means taking a muscle from it’s fully lengthened position, and contracting it through to its maximally shortened position.

To be able to do this, you need to consider the path at which your arm travels when you perform any exercise.

So ,what’s the solution to building a bigger chest?

Well it’s actually really simple.

You have to learn how to lock yourself down, and ensure you remain stable throughout each and every exercise

Extremity execution
You have to learn how to train at the extremity of every single exercise. Your greatest opportunity to grow muscle, is training where you have rarely been.

Muscle fibre connection
How long can you keep tension in a working muscle. What cues help you zone in on a muscle, and what causes you to lose tension and create potential for injury?

Exercise selection
For each body shape, rip cage angle, and experience level you need to choose exercises correctly. I’ve hand selected the best exercises, the correct order, the correct reps, sets and tempos for every level.

Now that you know the science, would you like to know how this works practically?

Well, I took the knowledge as outlined above and I crafted a high-impact 12-week programme for Kirk.

I told him it would be hard work, but I also told him that if he followed everything that I shared with him – he would see a huge difference in his upper chest in time for his photo-shoot in 12 weeks.

He committed and for twelve solid weeks, Kirk & I followed the training programme together.

It included a seven-week phase of building muscle tissue and a five-week phase of dieting down. (Take out) The programme doesn’t include the bulking and dieting part (but only as an upsell)

Full credit to him, he worked extremely hard.

The Results?

Just twelve weeks later, his upper body looked completely different.

His chest hadn’t only grown wider and fuller, but the workouts had impacted every other part of his upper body.

As you can see, his chest looks completely different.

You might not have the goal of doing a photo shoot like Kirk, but if he can make huge progress after years of training, then so can you.

Editors of Muscle & Fitness Magazine were that impressed with the results, we were offered an 8 page feature.

Who’d have thought that this only took him twelve weeks?

Now, if you’re looking to increase the size of your chest and you’re going through the common struggles, stresses and strains but you’re not seeing the definition that you want … then I’m sure you’re eager to get your hands on this training programme.

I know what’s its like to take my top off and not see the results of all my hard work.

It’s heart-breaking.

Especially when you see others who don’t seem to work as hard as you but have a much more defined chest.

But I assure you, if you follow this programme, I guarantee you that you’ll see a huge difference in your chest in just 12 weeks.

How do you think you’ll feel walking down the beach in the summer with a full chest for the first time?

Being able to wear fitted tops and everyone comment about the fullness of your chest?

Without a doubt a big chest stands out, it shows your commitment and effort to improving your body.

It makes a huge difference to how your overall body looks.

Introducing: Cover Model Chest

I’ve recorded the whole programme in vast detail on video for you.

Every exercise is fully explained, the whole programme is broken down into steps and you’ll even get to see Kirk and I working through the programme.

You’re essentially getting exactly the same programme as Kirk … the only difference is that you get lifetime access to all the videos to re-watch time & time again.

I’m really proud of this programme, most of all because I’ve seen the results first hand and I know how powerful it is.

If you want to rapidly grow your chest, then this is my lifework on the subject, packaged up for you.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

How to assess your body structure before you start in order to fine-tune the programme to explode your chest in the shortest time period possible

You’ll learn an awesome technique to stabilise your shoulders during pressing movements

Over 60 detailed educational videos

Learn which exercises will make the biggest difference to your chest development, and which you should avoid

Learn how to perform exercises correctly – as you’ll learn in this programme, most people do them completely wrong

You’ll receive a detailed library of all the exercises videos with a full explanation of how they work, what they work and how to get them right.

Learn what intensity you need to train at in order to generate peak results

Kirk himself will explain how he felt at the end of each week. His weekly round up sessions keep your motivated and driven to succeed.

You will receive every training programme in pdf format

But that's not all ...

Because Kirk has agreed to film some exclusive content for you, and we're going to give it to you for FREE.Kirk

He's taken the time to sit down and record a video, where he shares his secrets to getting shredded and how he prepares for a photo shoot.

If you're an aspiring model, physique athlete or you just want to look your best, the information that he shares is golden.

So, What’s The Investment?

Well, look, here’s the thing …

If you follow this programme, I know you will get huge results.

I’m so incredibly confident of its power – regardless of your build, this programme will make a massive difference to your shape, size and strength.

So, the question is …

“How Much Would You Pay For A Highly Defined Chest That Turned Heads And Makes Women Weak At The Knees?”

Tens of thousands?

A few thousand?

At least £1,000, right?

Well, I’m going to give you full lifetime access to this complete programme for just one payment of £19.99

That’s it.

No recurring payments or anything like that.

Just a one-time payment of £19.99, for everything.

So, I urge you to sign-up now and get immediate access.



If you’re reading this, then you must really want to grow your chest and I’ll never be able to give you a better way of doing so than what I’m offering you today.

And at only £19.99 – you’d be crazy to reject this programme.

Stay health & stay strong,

Mark Coles

P.S – Just to recap, I’m offering you the chance to get your hands on the exact programme that cover-model Kirk Miller used to drastically increase his upper chest in just 12 weeks.

You’ll get the programme in a highly detailed video trainer, which you’ll have lifetime access to for just £19.99


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